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Fibre Without Phone increase of 47% Be Warned!

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Fibre Without Phone increase of 47% Be Warned!

Be warned I have just been on a farcical journey with Plusnet after 7 years.


 I have a BT Basic phone line and only take the fibre without phone line.


In June I received an email to say my contract was ending and the price is going up from £17.49 to £18.26. Fine I thought.


I then received an email yesterday (18/08) to say its going up from £17.49 to £25.97 a 47% increase.


30 minutes on the phone and the upshot is that the first email was sent in error and shouldn't have been sent.

The second email is because they no longer will contract fibre only packages, but the amount was wrong anyway.

It should be £25.49

Two emails both prices wrong, well done.


So be warned.Anyone on legacy products, you are going to get stiffed if you cant move your phone line across.

Thanks for putting my bill up 47% and doing me proud and making me stressed out.

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Re: Fibre Without Phone increase of 47% Be Warned!

Plusnet no longer offer broadband only fixed price contracts. Consequently you either take both on a reduced price contract, pay the full out of contract price for just your broadband from Plusnet or move ISP.


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Re: Fibre Without Phone increase of 47% Be Warned!

If you are eligible for BT Basic phone, then you might be better off with BT Basic Phone + Broadband at £10.07 - see

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