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Disconnected straight after failed direct debit

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Disconnected straight after failed direct debit

Why does plusnet keep cutting my internet when I cancel a Direct debit? There's suppose to be a 14 day period before this happens. I cancel as they can't say when it's coming out so I end up paying by card everytime.
I have tried contacting Plusnet on several occasions, not once has online chat worked and 30 - 45 minutes waiting on hold is a joke.
"We got you" my [-Censored-] backside u do, worse customer support I have ever came across. I can't wait for my contract to end

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Disconnected straight after failed direct debit

I apologise for the issues you have experienced so far, the call queues are something that we are actively working on to resolve.


When the direct debit is cancelled, the payment will be rejected by the bank. You will then receive a splash screen, letting you know that the bill is outstanding. On here you can click "Acknowledge and continue browsing", which will get you back online straight away. From the failed payment date you do have 14 days to clear the balance.


When we come to request direct debit date, we will generate the bill on a set day of each month, and the direct debit will be taken from your bank account 5 working days later.


Hopefully this information is helpful to you, and should you have any further queries please let us know.

 Dean R
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Re: Disconnected straight after failed direct debit

@deank you are obviously unaware of the Bug in the failed billing page ,, It Fails to give the option to acknowledge and pay later  Shocked


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