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Plusnet offer unlimited BB on all their products and prices for new subscribers are very good so thought I would upgrade to unlimited.  After holding onto the phone for some time listening to very loud music I spoke to a lovely lady who informed me that I could upgrade and the cost would be £6.50 for BB upgrade.  Obviously I said to go ahead and process it.  She asked me to hold while I did this and after a couple of minutes advised me that because our local exchange had changed from Market 2/3 to market 1 the price was not £14.99.
As I seldom exceed the current 10Gb and if I do, the cost is £5, it is better for me to stay on the 10GB package as £6.49 + £5 is cheaper for me than the £14.99 cost.  The speed from our local exchange on average is about 5mbpp on a good day which is why we don't download films etc.
The question is how can Plusnet offer Unlimited BB to others who have a market 1 exchange for £2.99 because they are new customers yet old customers are being penalised for being loyal?  If the upgrade cost me an additional £5 I would upgrade!  Very disappointed but not overly worried as will be looking elsewhere! 
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Disappointed!

Hi Surfer,
I'm sorry that we couldn't offer you the package you were looking for at the lower price due to the exchange being classified as a Market 1 exchange. I can assure you that new customers wouldn't be able to take the headline price if they're also Market 1 so please don't think that we're penalising you here for being an existing customer.
If you're able to get in touch with our Customer Options Team on 0800 013 2632, they should be able to tailor a package for you and possibly give you and offer on top of the Market 1 pricing.