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Customer service call wait times

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Re: Customer service call wait times

My husband has had another argument with them after waiting 45 minutes.  Plusnet staff told him they were recruiting now.  I will not repeat his comment as I am a lady

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Re: Customer service call wait times

39 jobs available at Plusnet , not that many Customer support agents


Working at plusnet reviews Undecided

i laughed at this

Advice to Management

Replace the lot of them, there is no hope sadly.

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Re: Customer service call wait times

@rongtw and @Townman and @LouisaMartin


Thanks for the link..... seems to confirm what I had written earlier...


@Townman   Several of the "reviews" seem to indicate that they are no longer working for PlusNet.. and this also confirms my previous



I think you should bring the link to the attention of senior management... and take copious notes of the points put forward from the " ground floor  " workers... so that they ( the senior management ) can take appropriate action to create a more "worthwhile" working environment, to ensure that staff are happy in their workplace, and thus will remain loyal to the company.


Note... The "freebies" are in no way a compensation for the way the workforce is treated on a day to day basis.



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Re: Customer service call wait times

They warned me 15 minute waiting 26 minutes later still waiting...
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Re: Customer service call wait times

@rongtw  Interesting link.  This made me laugh:

"management always favoritise some employees who kiss backside

office hygiene is terrible."

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Re: Customer service call wait times

What an absolute farce so called customer services are.

My fibre connection keeps dropping out, the waiting time is 45 minutes and chat is not available. The website is so complex that even reporting a fault via there is well hidden, if it is even possible.

I suppose it's fortunate that this is the first real problem I've had which hasn't resolved itself. I do feel for those who do have lots of faults and the frustraion they must feel and have to endure.

Yes, I am plugged into the test socket, no difference. Phone is working and line is quiet using BT test number.

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Re: Customer service call wait times

Their standards are so poor now that 15mins would be classed a short wait time !! I have complained about this on 3 occassions but as you have experienced it falls on deaf ears.  They are rapidly becoming a disgrace like many other "service" providers.