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Contacting Plusnet

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Contacting Plusnet

With extended phone wait times & chat not working why don't PN have a reporting by emails facility.
Two neighbors who are plusnet customers have had problems for a couple of weeks or more and only one managed to get it reported and this is still not rectified. Not everyone has the time to sit waiting for the phone to be answered
As a small island community we rely on fast broadband and currently plusnet have half the island users (following my advice). After recently attending a local digital forum meeting with reps from openreach and a few IP's, which was hosted by Orkney's MSP.
Openreach informed us that all on our local exchange will be upgraded to at least 21CN with some having fibre available by the end of this year . BT gave contact details for registering interest or asking any questions that may arise as openreach say that they can only reply to questions submitted by IP's. Why don't plusnet offer the same facility.
When is our local cabinet linked directly to the exchange going to be upgraded to 21CN or will we get 80mb like other microwave linked cabinets - Do we have to register an interest with an alternative provider to get an answer?

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Re: Contacting Plusnet

Hi there. You can check on the progress of ADSL2+ (21CN) availability by going to and inputting your telephone number. When the service is available, we should automatically place the order.


With regards to fibre, I'd recommend checking the below Openreach site for updates.


If you've got any questions about fibre availability, you can contact Openreach directly by filling out this form:


Unfortunately though I don't think there's a way to query ADSL2+ availability apart from looking at DSL Checker.


Hope this helps.

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