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Complete incompetence from start to beginning.

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Complete incompetence from start to beginning.

6 weeks for phone line to be turned on 7 weeks for broadband to installed, during which time they opened me 2 accounts.
Having done this they closed one one and with it my phone number of 27 years. (later regained).
Charged me twice for initial set up (later refunded)
The openreach contractor was a sub contractor which when turning on the b/band has disabled every phone socket in the house baring the openreach socket.
Trying to call them is joke, 1 hour 40 minutes wait on Friday.
The people on the end of the phones are clueless. Never have I come across such complete incompetence.
I went with this company because is was sponsored by Which magazine
Has anyone got contact details where I can raise a complaint to Which magazine. I feel that if they lose that endorsement they lose a lot of custom.
I asked to cancel but was one day to late so now I am stuck with the most amateurish, untrained employes and managers (if they can be called that) that I have ever come across.
I thought Talktalk was bad, and they are bad, very bad but Plusnet are at the top league of there own league.The league of Complete Incompetence
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Complete incompetence from start to beginning.

Really sorry to hear about this.
As you may tell from the reply to your ticket there's a few things for us to learn here.
Regarding the more immediate issue, it looks like we'd fully expected that to be resolved, I will aim to get that resolved ASAP whether you decide to cancel or not.
I'm taking ownership of resolving this with you and have updated ticket  88702389  in more detail. I'll be in touch before the end of the day but do let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.
EDIT: I'm in the process of chasing this up right now, mind updating the ticket to let me know when you can be available for an engineer to visit this week please?
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team