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Openreach, good customer service.

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Openreach, good customer service.

Just had fibre installed and thought I would post some positive feedback about Openreach.
The OR engineer called as he was leaving his previous job to say he was on his way.
He called again when he arrived at the cabinet to say that my existing ADSL service was going off and there might be some disruption to the phone.
Once the work at the cabinet was complete he came and installed the modem (a VDSL faceplatce was already installed), checked it had sync and plugged in the TG582n router which was already configured.
I am currently using a Billion 8800NL and getting an attainable rate of 95956 kbps down and 29846 kbps up at a distance of approx 550m from the cabinet.
I expect these rates will drop as more users are added to the cabinet.
Phone calls from the OR engineer were good . It would have been nice to have had a text on the morning of the appointment to confirm that it was scheduled for that AM or PM.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Openreach, good customer service.

Cheers PeteB,
I've just compiled the feedback you've given in this post so I can make sure it's passed on to Openreach.
Thanks a lot.
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 Adam Walker
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