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I have both a mobile and a broadband contract with Plusnet however I've signed up for the mobile before joining the broadband hence I have a standard tarrif. I've seen the Mates rates advertised so I thought of asking if I can have those on my current mobile contract. I chatted with an adviser and he/she said yes, no problem, I will have a 4G SIM card sent to me and to call customer service when I receive it to activate it and my mew plan. Saturday the card arrived, I've called customer service and after a frustrating half an hour, speaking with 3 different advisers, being asked millions of security questions, being offered the same package for 2 different prices I finally couldn't get anything.
I have to say that I feel very disappointed about wasting my time for such a small (and I think simple procedure). After all that advertising on TV one would think that this is a company that cares about customers.

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Re: Complaint

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Re: Complaint

Hi there @georgepop!


I'm really sorry to hear about this experience, it's a relatively simple process to have this all changed over for you.

This definitely isn't the level of service we strive to provide to all of our customers.


I'd love to help you with this, please send me a private message so we can complete the relevant security and get this sorted for you!




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