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Cancelling BT Sport App

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Cancelling BT Sport App

This is a thread from 2017, remains an issue and yet still unresolved.

I like to use the app during the football season and maybe just a month or two at a time when I know there are particular games coming up that I want to see.

But the prospect of the painful process to remove the App has made me stop using this service. It is still the case that the cancel option is ridiculously well hidden. When you finally find the add-ons page (from the link in this other post) you find you cannot remove the BT Sport add-on only add more. Note I'm not a TV service user - just broadband and adding the BT App only.

Maybe its not a priority as there aren't many users ? But people don't use something that's painful to manage. Vicious circle !

During lockdown the clubs have started their own streaming so I use those more and then skip the BT games.

So this seems a shame - I'm missing games I'd quite like to watch and Plusnet / BT lose income - can't be right can it ??!!

On this occasion I've used my 30 mins on the phone to customer service to make this post so maybe it won't be a waste of time if this can be resolved ??!!


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Re: Cancelling BT Sport App

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