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Can't raise a support ticket anymore?

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Can't raise a support ticket anymore?

I've just gone round the houses and back again trying to raise a support ticket re a specific issue I have.  It used to be easy, but now all you get is the stupid automated assistant (Jess)  taking you to generic support pages, or you can raise a specific question about things like needing a VAT receipt,  or a complaint.   What further drives me mad is that as I was writing the complaint the prompts at the bottom of the page were asking me whether I wanted to use the Help Assistant to raise a support ticket.  YES I DO!!  BUT I CAN'T!!!  And as it's way past Plusnet's bedtime (9pm) there's no live help at all.  This change must be quite recent (or the web managers incredibly bad at updating the pages/documentation) and it's annoying and a waste of time.
When was it decided to downgrade customer support?  How is it helping any customer - all it is doing is helping Plusnet by stopping pesky customers bothering them.
Not impressed
5mins later just realised there's a long thread about this, sorry I didn't read it first.  Just to say live chat is okay but what do you do for the 12 hours 21:00-0900??  Anyway I've complained and will just keep on complaining until I get it sorted.
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Re: Can't raise a support ticket anymore?

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