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Call Centre Wait Times

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Call Centre Wait Times

Call wait times are a joke 24 mins so far when they state 15 minutes. This is on going with plusnet. They are the worst provider out for call wait times. Its not on promote them selfs as a Yorkshire based company. Just a con. I hate plusnet
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Re: Call Centre Wait Times

@Alexandra wrote:
 Its not on promote them selfs as a Yorkshire based company. Just a con.

It helps to stick to facts when posting. Plusnet are a Yorkshire based company and there is no con involved.

We all know that waiting times are high, there is the live chat option.

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Re: Call Centre Wait Times

Live chat works for me every time when call waiting times are high. I haven't been let down yet.

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Re: Call Centre Wait Times

You changed to them presumably based on price; low price/ excellent service don't make normal bedfellows.
You could have researched PN beforehand to flag this long standing issue.

And why on earth did you originally post this in "Billing"?

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Re: Call Centre Wait Times

It's impossible to give accurate waiting time figures based on the number of calls waiting.  One caller might have a very simple query taking less than a minute whilst someone else might need ten minutes on the phone.

I did look at the calls-waiting figures daily for a couple of weeks a month or so ago and they did drop for a while; I thought this might be the result of the additional CSAs we were told were being taken on and trained, but we now seem to be back to the long waits again.

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Re: Call Centre Wait Times

Sorry about the wait times Alexandra

Anything we can help with on here?


Feel free to PM me if you prefer.


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Re: Call Centre Wait Times

76 minutes and counting !

Will report here once I get through

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Call Centre Wait Times

You're right, they did drop for a few months, but have been challenging of late. 

I suspect it's an ongoing challenge which they will be working to hard fix... although not helpful for those trying to get through urgently just now



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Re: Call Centre Wait Times

I dont know about any other customers, but the call centre wait times are outragous, i rang customer services, 13-1-18, twice, different times during the day,each time said 30mins, called again, 14-1-18, waited 18mins, same explanation given, come on plusnet look after youe customers, old and new, please get this issue sorted so annoying, anyone else had the same problem

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Re: Call Centre Wait Times

@jdl  Very sorry to see you posting about the long wait times... however... there is very little prospect of them inproving....  this saga has been going on for over 8 years now....

If you phone up again... make sure you have this page on your screen, for something to read, while you wait...,80676.16.html


PlusNet staff have a saying........   " Give us time....... and we`ll get there "....  don`t believe it...


Try "Live Chat"   but make sure you have your adblocker turned off first... otherwise it will tell you it`s busy !

Failing that.... try asking for help on the other Forum Boards.


Good Luck.