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A bit of balance

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A bit of balance

I appreciate that some (most?) here have had a poor experience of some kind, but I thought I'd redress the balance a bit for the benefit of those who, like me, are maybe still forming a view as to whether to switch to Plusnet Mobile.  The background is that I had a really bad experience with Virgin and was looking for a new provider.


In summary, I signed up online last week for one of the seasonal offers. The SIM arrived the next day (Wednesday) and my new service was up and running after 5 mins. I ported my old number today (advised the details yesterday) with no hassle at all.


What especially made the difference is that all the communication from Plusnet throughout was clear, timely and accurate.  Every e-mail, text and the literature with the new SIM was good. I especially liked the text minutes before the port was actioned today which meant I knew what was happening. I also got a text on my new and old numbers that confirmed I'd got everything right when I supplied my PAC yesterday.


One minor observation is that Plusnet Mobile don't support short codes (and are clear about this), but I can donate money and contact organisations like radio and TV using a PAYG handset using short-codes when I want to.  

I have no connection with Plusnet other than being a happy new customer and hope others have the opportunity of the same.

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Re: A bit of balance

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Re: A bit of balance

Many thanks for the kind words, Mark3542. This is really nice to read, and I'm glad we could Do You Proud Smiley


If there's ever anything we can do for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch.