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The Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon 2014 is just around the corner

The Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon 2014 is just around the corner

The Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon 2014 is just around the corner

Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon 2014 In just 2 days the second Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon takes place on the streets in and around York. Last year’s inaugural event was a huge success and we’re going to build on that this year, with more runners, more support and a special prize draw for those in attendance.

The elite runners

Last year’s race was won by Edwin Korir in a great time 2:13:31. Amongst those hoping to follow in his footsteps are elite runners Girma Assefa from Ethiopia and Cosmas Kigen from Kenya.  Both of these runners are taking part in their first races in the UK and are looking forward to challenging at the front of the field. Alongside these world class athletes we have a group of our own Plusnet staff taking to the course, with some taking part in the full marathon and others representing Plusnet in the Northern Gas Networks corporate relay. We’ll be posting a round-up of events early next week, so check back on Monday to see how the runners performed.

Come show your support

To push the runners on we want YOU to come out and show your support.  We’ll have spectator zones, entertainment and photo booths around the course as well as inflatable bangers to make some noise to cheers the runners on! There are Plusnet motivation stations at Dunnington and a Minster FM roadshow at St Sampsons Square if you want to get involved in the entertainment around the event. If you’re in the York area, come on down this Sunday and cheer the runners on, you can see what’s on around the course on the map below. 2014_route_map Are you running, or know someone who is? Show your support by coming along on Sunday. Share this post using the buttons below and let’s make the 2014 Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon the best event it can be.

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I'm sorry you feel like we're not helping you Gini, however a 14 day grace period is quite a long period to offer already.
'Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon takes place on the streets in and around York' Good, no traffic chaos in Sheffield then :-)