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Terminate the Rate

Terminate the Rate

Terminate the Rate


terminate_the_rate“Mobile termination rate” doesn’t sound very interesting. But actually it’s costing you money and we’d like to help get it sorted out.

The termination rate is a charge that’s applied every time you make a call to a mobile from a landline. This charge is roughly 4p for every minute you’re on the call.

We believe that this termination rate is far too high and if reduced it would really help lower your bills. That’s why we’ve joined the ‘Terminate the Rate’ campaign.

Terminate the Rate has been doing a great job of collecting signatures and support so that it can put pressure on Ofcom to get the rate knocked down to what it actually costs. It seems to be working too – Ofcom has already made a recommendation that the rate drops from 4.3p all the way down to 0.5p by 2013. It could save you a packet.

It’s not been finalised yet though. Mobile operators have a few weeks to check out the recommendations before any kind of decision is reached. While they’re reading it, why not send an email to Ofcom? Use the link from Terminate the Rate, leaving only your address, and they’ll do the rest.

We hope you’ll have a look at the Terminate the Rate site, it’s a pretty good read. And hey – you could end up saving even more on your phone bills if Ofcom sticks to its decision.

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