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Tasty Morsels #2

Tasty Morsels #2

Creative uses of PNG Transparency - Nothing groundbreaking but a nice reminder of the cool things you can do with transparent PNGs. Check out the comment by Faridur Rahman Choudhury for a workaround for transparent backgrounds in IE6. FirePHP - FireBug style console extension for Firefox to help with PHP development. Not tried it but it looks promising. Design Decisions at 37Signals - Making text on a page smaller and dimmer can actually make it stand out: "When you make something different, even if the difference is smaller and lighter than the rest, it’s different. People pay attention to things that are different." Web 2.0 Button Makr - with web 2.0 colours! no simple red, blue and green for they have Flickr Pink, Techcrunch Green, Digg Blue, Reddit White, RSS Orange, Interactive action yellow! Colemak keyboard layout - better than Dvorak? I like the way most of the punctuation is in the same place at QWERTY and common shortcut keys (ctrl+z, ctrl+s etc.) are also in the same place or move only slightly. I might even try it out. Wakoopa - log all the software you use, share it on your profile, find people who use similar things, discover cool new apps! - for all your » needs.

Tamlyn ‎05-06-2007 1:47 AM
‎05-06-2007 1:47 AM