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Tasty Morsels #1

Tasty Morsels #1

Here are some links I've collected in my travels. I'll try and make these posts a regular thing. Enjoy. 35 Designers x 5 Questions - Top designers answer 5 questions about design, css, fonts, design books & magazines. Makes for some inspirational reading. Jacob Nielsen on Command Links - As the boundaries between the web and desktop become increasingly blurred, what is the difference between links and buttons? HTML 5 - In a surprise move, the WHATWG and W3C kiss and make up. Which can only be a good thing for the rest of us. The demise of technical writing - Nobody needs writers of instruction manuals in a world where things are so easy to use that nobody needs instruction manuals at all! If only. The $100 laptop - it weighs 1.5kg, it's waterproof, it runs for 10 hours on one battery, it has a bigger screen and 3 times the wifi range of my current laptop... at a 10th of the price. Seriously impressive.

Tamlyn ‎24-05-2007 2:17 AM
‎24-05-2007 2:17 AM