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Plusnet Increases Central Capacity

Plusnet Increases Central Capacity

SegmentWe have just activated an additional 155Mbps segment of central bandwidth. Customers connecting to the new segment will be terminated on the gateway PCL-AG02. The new capacity has been activated in line with the current budget and projected growth in customer numbers. When new capacity is added, it takes time for the network to balance and for a representative proportion of the customer base to connect to the new segment. In order to speed up this process and help balance the platform to give the most benefit to customers, it may be necessary for us to temporarily disconnect a number of customers from the network. Should we take the decision to do this we will announce further details as a planned maintenance notice otherwise it may take up to a week for the new segment to be balanced. We frequently review our plans for the purchase of additional capacity and will continue to do this based on projected customer numbers. Chris

Community Gaffer ‎23-10-2008 11:54 PM
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‎23-10-2008 11:54 PM
Wow.............If you are going to terminate these people, what will their family have to say............