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Plusnet Fibre Trials Update

Plusnet Fibre Trials Update

Plusnet Fibre Trials Update

Plusnet Fibre Trials Update It's been a while since we last provided an update on our fibre trials so as we start 2012 we've decided it's the perfect opportunity to let you know what's going on.

FTTP Trial - Fibre to the Premises

We'll start with our FTTP trial. FTTP currently offers speeds up to 100Mbps and differs from standard broadband by using a fibre line that runs all the way to your property rather than using the normal copper. We now have almost 150 customers on our trial and the areas covered by FTTP are growing all the time. Some areas covered by the following exchanges - Bradwell Abbey, Highams Park, Chester South, York, Ashford (Middlesex), Ilford Central, St Austell, Forest Hill, Leytonstone and Exeter can take part in the trial. More areas are coming soon. From 1st February we'll be making a few changes to our FTTP service. The following trial products and options will be available:

Plusnet Value Fibre 40Mbps Trial - £16.49

Speed - 40Mbps down, 2Mbps up Contract - no change to your existing contract period Usage - 40GB (between 8am and midnight), unlimited overnight (midnight to 8am) Router - free 4 port wireless (currently Netgear WNR1000)

This product is the same as our FTTC Value Fibre product only with FTTP.

Plusnet Extra Fibre 40Mbps Trial - £21.49

Speed - 40Mbps down, 2Mbps up Contract - no change to your existing contract period Usage - 120GB (between 8am and midnight), unlimited overnight (midnight to 8am) Router - free 4 port wireless (currently Netgear WNR1000)

This product is the same as our FTTC Extra Fibre product only with FTTP.

Plusnet Extra Fibre 100Mbps Trial - £34.49

Speed - 100Mbps down, 15Mbps up Contract - no change to your existing contract period Usage - 120GB (between 8am and midnight), unlimited overnight (midnight to 8am) Router - free 4 port wireless (currently ZyXEL NBG4604)

Further details about our fibre broadband packages are available on our website but please note that the pages will only refer to Fibre to the Cabinet at the moment. For an additional £2 per month you can choose to increase just the upload speed to 10Mbps on the two 40Mbps options. As a thank you for taking part in the trial our existing FTTP customers can remain on the product and price point they are on now for as long as they wish or they can switch to one of the new products to take advantage of the usage allowances. Existing Plusnet customers can check if FTTP is available in their area using the BT availability checker here. If it is available and you want to upgrade then please raise a ticket via our trial site here, answer all the questions and we'll start things moving for you. At this stage FTTP will remain as a trial and no commercial launch has been set. Later in the year Openreach are planning to increase the maximum speed of FTTP to 330Mbps, we're hoping to take part in the trial and will post more details later in the year.

FTTC Trial - Fibre to the Cabinet

Two weeks ago we will began a trial of faster FTTC speeds up to 80Mbps down and 20Mbps up. The first phase of the trial is expected to run through to the end of January and has limited availability. We have already asked customers to pre-register in our forum if they wish to take part and applications are currently closed. From early February the 80Mbps/20Mbps trial will be available to all existing FTTC customers. Customers who took part in the original FTTC trial who have yet to upgrade to either our Value Fibre or Extra Fibre products will need to upgrade to one of these first. Those taking part in the trial in January will receive the faster service for no additional charge until 30th April. We have so far seen maximum sync speeds of 80Mbps down and 20Mbps up with speedtest results coming in at a maximum of around 76Mbps. Some results are in our forums here. As with other DSL technologies the up to 80Mbps speeds are distance dependant, although it is distance between property and cabinet that counts rather than property and exchange. As such we have seen sync speeds vary from the mid 50s all the way up to the full 80Mbps, with a mean speed of about 68Mbps.

More info on how fibre broadband works are available in our handy guide about what is fibre broadband


We'll post more details in February about how you can take part in the up to 80Mbps trial. Dave Tomlinson Plusnet Product Team  

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Will the pricing be the same for 80mbps as 40mbps on FTTC when you roll it out.
Plusnet Staff
Timalay - our suppliers haven't set the wholesale cost for 80Mbps FTTC yet so at the moment I can't say what we'll charge for it unfortunately.
Fibre full stop would be good enough for me, stuck with sync rates of 3mb currently!
Having upgraded to FTTC from a previously poor ADSL2+ connection (around 1M), this really does change the way you use the net - iPlayer in HD Smiley. Also, ignore BTs 'expected' rates a bit - They said 25M down - Easily hit 40M on the 40/2 package.
Re the FTTC 80/20 trial, for those not taking part in the January trial and who hope to get onto the trial in February, what additional charge will they pay up to 30th April?
hurry up and bring to north not getting enough fibre in my internet diet lol
Will "For an additional £2 per month you can choose to increase just the upload speed to 10Mbps on the two 40Mbps options." Be an option for the current FTTC products... at last. If so could someone make that clear.
Hi Dave. Been trying to get in touch with you for a while now. please send me a line when you get the chance. Thanks Dave.
@cja, it will be an option but isn't covered by Dave's blog. We'll update it once the necessary processes are all in place which hopefully shouldn't be long. Sorry for the delay, we'd hoped to have something in place long before now ...
My exchange won't go live until Dec 2012. Shame we can't pre register for the trial on a per area basis. Just because BT can't do the job quickly some will win with great deals for trialists and others like will not. podman
I already have the FTTC up to 40Mbps product. I notice that you're offering trial members up to 10Mbps uploads. Will this be an option for none trial members like myself?
What about Business FTTC trial members, are you making available the 80/20 FTTC to us too?
We're yet to make a decision on that one Ben ...
Rising Star
Slightly confused - comment from Matt on TBB forum today: "Once your account's been created and activated on our side you'll be able to sign up to the community forums and register your interest in the 80/20 trial there, if you are eligible we'll get it sorted for you" - I thought the current trial was closed and the new one didn't start until February and we hadn't been told how to register for that yet!
Hi Kevin, the 80/20 trial *is* closed at present but it shouldn't be too long before we're accepting applicants again.
Would love to just be able to get it. BT website shows my local exchange should be ready but when I enter my details I dont see anything for my property of well.
@ Bob Pullen, any idea when the option to add 10Mbps upload will show in the portal (been a week now since your comment to cja)?
@Mike, have you got Fibre at the moment? I'm looking for a guinea pig Wink
@Bob, indeed I do, and am willing to be a guinea pig :-), do you have my email address from the post?
Just browsing
I'd really be interested in having up to 10mb upload.
@Mike, yep I'll be in touch later today ...
Mike & Nick, I've dropped you both an email via our ticketing system ...
I'm eagerly awaiting the 10Mbps upload option on my FTTC, wouldn't mind testing this if you aren't ready for full scale release yet.
If there are any spaces available, I am also interested in the 10Mbps upload.
I'd really like to get 10M / 20M upload ASAP...
@reddev87, @jpsit, I've dropped you a message via the ticketing system. @MC, I'm struggling to locate your account I'm afraid.
Hi Bob, I'd be interested in 40/10 but more interested in the 80/20 trial so happy to wait for that.
Hi Bob, Would be great to get on the testing for the 10meg upload too if you have any room left. Regards Paul.
I would be interested in 10mbps upload trial, presently have 37 up 1.7 down.
My Plus Net message/question refers. I mentioned the superfastbroadband cornwall project when seeking just when Plus.Net could provide me with an equivalent to SuperfastBBd. I take it that the Fibre trial is similar to the Cornwall development by joint funding via Outreach etc. I would be most keen to participate in any Plus.Net trial as a current client. Mike from The Lizard (Mawgan) Cornwall.
Any more places on the 10mb Upload Trial ?
@Andy, there isn't a trial as such although we should be able to offer the service in an official capacity within a month or so. In the interim there should be some news about the 80/20 trials on the horizon ...
Hi bob I am deffo interesting in trying the 10mb upload option if you need anymore testers I have the fibre extra product at the moment Thanks Russell
Any more news on the 10mb upload option as I am sure when I signed up it said it was a ten mb upload anyway but I am happy to pay a little extra as I would use the upload speed,
It's all gone very quiet on the 80/20 trial - any news? Unlocked my modem and it reckons I can get about 78 down and 27 up so looking good!
Well I'm now on the 80/20 trial and loving it so far. Time for an update to this article I think!
Is there still any chance to test the 10Mb upload? Thanks Mark
Mark, you'd probably be better off on the 80/20 trial -,102776.0/topicseen.html
I am an existing FTTC customer and would be interested in the 10mb upload spped bump. Is this still an trial option or a real product upgrade? Thanks.