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Mum's the star on Mother's Day - but which stars inspire today's internet-savvy mums?

Mum's the star on Mother's Day - but which stars inspire today's internet-savvy mums?

Mum's the star on Mother's Day - but which stars inspire today's internet-savvy mums?

Mother's Day is a time to show your mum how much you love and admire her, and for many of us, our mums have been real inspirations throughout our lives. But who do today's tech-savvy mums see as role models? Bonnie Hunt as Kate Baker in the 2003 film 'Cheaper By The Dozen'. © Twentieth Century Fox In a recent Plusnet survey, we asked them to name their favourite on-screen mums and tell us which celebrity mums they admire. Read on to find out more … Mums are at the heart of families everywhere, so it's not surprising that we're surrounded by images of them in the media, both on our TV screens and in glossy magazines. From film and TV show characters to stylish celebrity mums like Jennifer Ellison, Plusnet ambassador and star of ITV's Dancing On Ice, the media is full of inspirational mums. But which famous mums come top of the list with the rapidly growing army of modern mums who take advantage of cheap home broadband in order to chat, share parenting tips and shop for their little ones online? As part of a recent Plusnet survey, we asked more than 3,300 members of the community to tell us which celebrity and on-screen mums they admire. Here's what they said:

Favourite on-screen 'mum moments'

Today's mums may be juggling careers and childcare, but it looks like family still comes first. When asked to choose their favourite film or TV 'mum moment', nearly a third of all the mums we surveyed voted the heart-warming moment in the US comedy 'Cheaper by the Dozen' (2003) where Kate Baker (played by Bonnie Hunt), mum of twelve and author, realising that her family needs her, cuts her national book tour short and heads home. The second most popular on-screen 'mum moment' featured a mum coming to the rescue too. Nearly 27% of mums surveyed voted for the scene from 2004's animated box office smash 'The Incredibles', in which Helen Parr (voiced by Holly Hunter) catches her son in mid-air and uses her body as a parachute to get them back to the ground safely. © Twentieth Century Fox © Disney Pixar. Please see Disney Pixar official YouTube channel for this and other clips

Most admired fictional mums

Confidence was the key when it came to which fictional on-screen mothers our mums admired. Leigh Anne Tuohy, Sandra Bullock's character in 'The Blind Side', took first place overall, with her confident decision-making skills and willingness to trust her own instincts winning the hearts of nearly 46% of mums surveyed. But mums who considered themselves to be 'networking mums' - mothers who seek advice from other mums, both in the playground and online - favoured Rachel Green from long-running TV show 'Friends'. These community-loving mums admired Jennifer Aniston's character for having the confidence to be honest when she needed help and turning to her own mother for advice. And it seems the traditional image of mothering has been well and truly consigned to the past too - just 4% of our mums said they most admired the 'by the book' approach taken by impeccably dressed, squeaky-clean home lover Carol Brady from 'The Brady Brunch', the 1960s and 1970s US sitcom. © Warner Bros. Studios © Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions and Warner Bros. Television

Inspirational celebrity mums

Amanda Holden, actress and 'Britain's Got Talent' judge, just pipped musician and TV personality Myleene Klass to the post to take our 'Most inspirational celebrity mother' title. Just over 38% of mums surveyed voted for resilient Amanda, who ended up in intensive care in January of this year after giving birth to her second daughter Hollie Rose, but returned to work just a few weeks later. Mum-of-two Myleene Klass, designer of the Baby K clothing range for Mothercare, has previously blogged for parenting website and wrote a book about her pregnancy, so she's the perfect example of a 'networking mum'. Nearly 37% of our mums voted for her, with 38% of our 'networking mums' putting her in first place. Although more than half of mums surveyed claimed they trusted their own instincts most when it comes to parenting - and they are clearly inspired by famous mums who do the same - our mums also showed that asking for and sharing advice was to be admired as well. And with cheap home broadband packages helping mums to connect with each other more easily, online mummy networking is likely to become even more popular in the future. Have you got a favourite TV, movie or celebrity 'mum moment' that didn't make our survey's top results? Just leave a comment and keep us in the know...  

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