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How to secure your voicemail

How to secure your voicemail

How to secure your voicemail

Safeguard your voicemail

If your phone’s voicemail isn’t protected by a passcode or four-number PIN, anyone can access it. Not only can others use your phone to make calls, they can listen to new and saved messages, and maybe pick up confidential information about your bank details.

Here’s how you can keep your phone secure when you’re out and about.

1. Access your voicemail account on your phone

2. Once in the main menu, choose Change Personal Options

3. Next, choose Administrative Options

4. You will hear Skip Passcode is currently turned on. To turn it off, follow the prompts.
5. The PIN you originally created will be played to you. Be sure to remember it as you will need to enter it to gain access to your voicemail in the future.

If you forget your PIN:

Your voicemail will be locked as a precaution if you get your voicemail PIN wrong three times in a row. To get your voicemail unlocked, please get in touch.



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