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End of Day: 8th September

End of Day: 8th September

End of Day: 8th September

Technology is wonderful... as I write this, I'm standing in the kitchen trying to avoid burning pasta using my laptop, which is remotely connected to my Linux box, which in turn is remotely connected to the office so I can access the data for the EOD... sorry, just had to go and eat dinner Smiley Right, now I'm suitably fed, on with the show. First up, we have Lee from the CSC with today's Top 5.

Nothing out of the ordinary today, but a lot of calls! It's been very busy today. Here's the Top 5: 1) Router Setup - Lots of people calling to confirm their router settings are correct, with quite a few people needing confirmation of usernames and passwords. Mainly D-link routers that we've provided, but some other models as well. 2) Fault Updates - Customers chasing up faults from over the weekend and checking their progress, advising us of any further checks they have needed to do. 3) Email - Quite a few email queries today, mainly people setting up clients such as Outlook Express and Thunderbird. 4) New Faults - We've had a few business customers coming to work after the weekend to find faults on the line, as well as some residential faults. 5) Provisioning Updates - Customers calling to check the progress of their orders with us.

Now we have Bob from Comms with today's Comms Update:

Afternoon all. We're still a man down on the Comms Team what with Matt still being on annual leave. James is back in after his half day on friday mind you so we're back to three quarter strength at least! Chris has been working through our problem pools, been in and out of the forums and working on some of his personal objectives. James has been in meetings for the best part of the day, whilst I've been familiarising myself with some up and coming work we have planned for the email platform. Both of us have been popping into the forums where possible too. With all the recent media surrounding the credit crunch I thought for the link of the day we could take a retrospective look at just what sort of computer you could get for your money 20 years ago - What a bargain, eh?!

Next up we have Shailini from Marketing who is stunt-Chris:

I am pretending to be Chris today as he has had to shoot off to a course induction. Today in Marketing we have put away the pencils and gone numbers mad. All of the team have been working on their performance data so that we know how we are doing at the moment. Spence is in project madness and been in meetings all day. Amy/Chris/Sameer and Phil have been working on their campaigns and I have been working with the CSC Teams on various things. We have also been looking out for the new Plusnet ads on-line and were excited to see some on the Daily Mail, AA and Digital Spy websites! Have a look out for the.

The Web Team, meanwhile have been quite busy today - G-Man has been looking at the upgrade process, Phil has been try to get things sorted for being On-Call starting tomorrow, Duffy and I have been in some meetings and looking at emails again, while I've also been trying to get some of the websites set up on my alpha box so that I can start working on them tomorrow. Now, that's the end of day done, I'm off to work out why my N95 is pretending that the '9' key is the same as cancel Sad Colin

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