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End of Day: 26th June

End of Day: 26th June

End of Day: 26th June

Whoops, a late one this evening! Networks start us off with Dan P:

Today has been a moderately quiet day in Networks. In addition to the normal day-to-day tasks like dealing with customer tickets, problems and monitoring our vast number of systems and making general improvements, we've carried out maintenance to our fax2email and community site services as well as dealing with a slight core database failover. Other team members have been upgrading our internal systems and improving our system monitoring as well as installing new servers. Until next time. Dan P

James lets us know about the depleted Comms team:

The summer is going to start soon right? It's feeling more like April at the moment, rather than just heading into July! Apparently, I'm a bit on the skinny side, so I've been trying to sort that out today. Starting off with a large Bacon, Sausage and Egg sandwich (thanks Liam!) followed by a big KFC lunch (thanks Matt!). Other than that I've been sitting with out Sales Team, keeping an eye on our forums and attending a couple of meeting as well as doing "random stuff" for Mark. Mand says that she's been to a bunch of meetings, doing some change controls and looking at problems. Lots of problems. I don't think Mand likes problems today. Matt's also been looking at problems and doing some change controls. He's been looking at some forums as well as going to some meetings and doing some testing work. Bob is skiving. Chris is skiving

Helen from Dev updates us:

Four Seasons in one day here in PlusNet Sheffield, come rain or shine we're all here eating lots of donuts and drinking tea amongst the deepest depths of code. Yes even managers like myself make tea (probably too much of it!) Today I have been scheduling in all the new exciting projects that are coming up in the future. The development guys are looking forward to these new projects after the mamouth project they are all just wrapping up. These new projects will drive forward more efficient ways of working 'agile' and 'test driven' come to mind straight away, bringing a dose of buzzword bingo to PlusNet as well as increased efficiency giving you guys out there a much richer experience. Talking about richer experiences I have also been getting involved in user testing, conducting card sorting for some portal changes coming up. Card sorting is a technique that involves grouping categories to define a structure that the user (i.e YOU out there!) expects. All really good stuff happening! Lots of holidays to book in as a sheffield summer sets in (hmmmm - remember last year?) so thats my task until the end of the day, and then if summer does set in I am out for a run with fellow workmates as part of our weekly Plusnet Running Club. And that's your weather forcast over from the Development Court, now back to Bob in the studio...

Helen was right about four seasons in one day... it was pouring when I left the office Sad Next, and finally, is James from the Web Dev team:

Here's the round up from Web Dev today... Mark - Brightview phase 2 clean up related work Nick - improvements to the navigational structure of MadAsAFish support Grzegorz(The GMan) - continuing to build the Customer Generated Support Pages front end Andrew - working on PlusNet content problems Dan - working on the skills matrix application on ACES Rupert - MyAccoutn development and working on web tracking related problems Colin - various rollouts to the Community Site and watching James get stressed converting old school code into Smarty I've been putting the final touches to the PlusNetter Of The Month application Pete - managing POMS tasks etc Jonny - MyAccount related management Kelly, Jonny, Pete - all looking at KPI stats this afternoon As a team we would like to draw your attention to a special event next week. We will be in Starbucks on Surrey Street in Sheffield ( its opposite the Winter Gardens and near the Crucible and Lyceum Theatres) on the Tuesday 1st July and Wednesday 2nd of July. If you would be interested in a free coffee (yes you read correctly, free) all you need to do is come along and tell us what you think of the new MyAccount section of our website which is currently in development. Simple as that Smiley James

That's all folks, Colin

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