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End of Day: 16th September

End of Day: 16th September

End of Day: 16th September

Well, since I last edited the End of Day, I've aged a year (so I'm now the ripe old age of 25) which has obviously afftected my memory as I forgot to kick off the internal End of Day forum thread today. Thankfully, Bradders from the CSC started the thread so there is at least some content for the post. So, first up we have James from the Comms Team:

So what have your Comms Team been doing on this rather overcast and dreary day? (4:40 PM) Chris Parr: problems. (4:41 PM) Matt Taylor: today i have been mostly doing problems, with a bit of the forum and some of the home phone sortage too. (4:43 PM) Bob Pullen: meetings: secret project 1, secret project 2, daily ops, secret project 3, domain problem, tpar mailbox problem, task work. (4:44 PM) James Bailey: Meetings, forums and task work. Plus drinking tea. I didn't actually jabber myself, but thought it would be best to keep in the same format!

Next up with Oli from the CSC:

Hi there, Oliver from the Faults team. Today myself, Ben, Rich and Tony have been working through the oldest ticket report on faults that have already been logged with BT Wholesale....well this and trying to get a cup of tea out of Bradders (which is like getting blood out of a stone by the way!). Pete has been been working through all the escalated cases that we have with BT at the moment, these are usually complex issues which require regular contact with BT. In a superhuman effort Pete has also been dealing with any Home Phone PSTN faults raised by customers, either raising these cases to BT or liaising with customers if further checks are required. Finally Bradders and Adam have been working through the new fault pools testing customers lines for issues before these cases are passed to BT. This work flow covers all the different fault types, No Synchronization, Intermittent Synchronization, Authentication and speed issues. The weather has been slightly better this week so we are hoping for less faults to be raised due to the elements, I'm personally hoping for a better week at the pool table I can't lose to Bradders two weeks on the trot now can I? Wink

Last up, we have Rys from the Development department:

It's been quiet again down in Dev today, and not just because our new Director is back in the office after his hols, making sure his troops are knuckling down! We'd be doing that anyway.... There are a number of key projects that are nearing completion, including the one that I'm working on, and whicht officially went live today after nearly three months. That means heads down for those guys nearing completion, getting the last issues out of the way on our staging platform, before the customer gets the new code. Those not on just-about-finished projects are ramping up their workstreams, and I've had the chance today to work on some architecture ideas for one of those streams, with Seb, while Henry suns himself on leave (I miss you bro, if you're reading!). Lastly, one of The Bens is setting up a system for an upcoming IDE demo, and if I take my headphones out, all I can hear is the quiet tapping of keys. The sound of a department hard at work has never made less noise. Cheer, I'm off back to my code and my breakbeats.....

Right, that looks like us for the day, so someone will be along with tomorrow's Wednesday End of Day at the same time tomorrow (or maybe earlier!) Colin

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