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router problems

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Registered: ‎20-01-2018

router problems



i currently use a netgear router  but was reading up on  using my old  plusnet router  as an access point. First i thought id fire it up and see what version it was running  etc before making any major changes    i found the power supply and plugged it in.  At this point  no Ethernet connected     but i am a bit bemused as i still thought the wireless side would work and  i would be able to access it wirelessly   to check the settings.    No wireless  which i find bizarre   because if i pull the Ethernet cable out of my net gear router   i can access as admin the internal settings menu  even though its not connected to the internet     am i doing something wrong   surely it doesn't have to be connected to the internet to allow the wireless part of the router to work   bit stumped.  I then connected it to the internet  and low and behold the wireless worked   iv made the changes to allow it to become an access point   plugged it into my netgear router       no wireless      or i should say no indicated wireless     any help appreciated      im going off of an old post to allow me to be able to do this