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Wireless local only connection

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Wireless local only connection

This laptop has been set up with no changes for about 5 yrs now it suddenly keeps telling me Wireless local only connection and will not connect to the internet even though signal strength is full.
The desktop pc works fine on wireless in the same location.
I unplugged the router overnight but no change i am really stuck now! Help please
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Re: Wireless local only connection

Can you tell us what version of Windows is running on your laptop and what make/model of router are you using?


Does your laptop work normally if you use an ethernet cable to attach the laptop directly to the router which should override the wifi connection?

(Otherwise, you may need to temporarily turn off wifi on the laptop - there may be a switch on the side of the laptop, otherwise you normally hold the 'Fn' key down and then press the appropriately labelled F1-F10 for the wifi)







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