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What router

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What router

I haven’t posted for over a year but still with plusnet woop woop. Right I want a new router/modem what are you all using these days. I want to get rid of the openreach modem now. I want something with a good range, I’m using a asus at the mo
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Re: What router

I'm still happy with my BT hub 6 still works perfect with plusnet

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Re: What router

I went from an Openreach Huawei modem and Asus N55U router to a Smarthub 6, The wireless performance of the Smarthub is better. The setup is much neater and uses a lot less power. The only downside is that you have fewer geeky settings available to you, you just set it up and it works.

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Re: What router

Been using a Business Smart Hub for a few days in the hope that the improved Wifi performance would enable me to retire the slightly flaky homeplugs by using a USB Wifi dongle on my PC.

So far so good, although if you use an app like Wifi Analyser to find the best channel, you might find that every time you change to a 'better' channel it then recommends a different one. Cry

Solution is to turn off the 'competing' Public BT Wifi channel being simultaneously output on the 2.4ghz band.

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Re: What router

Just put my Techicolor TG589vac into service with PN Loving it, wireless is better than the hub one and easily configurable, the latest firmware has guest wifi too. Only about £20 on the bay of E!! I bought another one as a back up the other week, mine is about 3yo, but still going like a trooper.


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Re: What router

Using a old supplied bt open reach modem( waiting for draytek 130 to arrive), (years ago needed with plusnet router) with asus RT-AC86U 2018 with IPTV Plusnet BT Sport HD along with netflix and prime vid and music all working fine... with latest firmware as i was using asus dsl88u but had so many problems with wifi and iptv so ditched it.  

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Re: What router

Welcome back to our community forums @thomasjc1 and thanks for your loyalty.

Having reviewed your account, I'm happy to send you our latest modem router the Hub One if you want?

Though you won't be able to use your own 3rd party router with it. If that's important to you, feel free to ignore me. Smiley

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