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Setting up an Amazon Echo to router off-site

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Setting up an Amazon Echo to router off-site

My 99-yr old mother lives independently 300 miles away. I was about to travel to her with her PlusNet modem/router to set up her internet and an Amazon Echo when lockdown intervened. (I had the modem/router delivered to my house to avoid confusing her.) Now I've had an idea.

Suppose I plug the PlusNet modem/router in the mains at my house (even if it made sense, I couldn't use my phone socket as my internet comes via Virgin coax). Would I be able to use it as a router only at my house (with no internet connection and the modem part of it not set up) to set up an Amazon Echo to talk to it? The aim would be then to send it up to my mother's address together with the Echo, so that all she would have to do (not having any device herself) is plug in the modem/router and the Echo would already be connected to it and working. Is that possible? Or is it a waste of time trying? Helpful comments welcome.

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Re: Setting up an Amazon Echo to router off-site

Thanks for the post back @beemerbiker 

That should work as you'd in effect just be configuring her home network, between the router and the Echo.

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Re: Setting up an Amazon Echo to router off-site

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Re: Setting up an Amazon Echo to router off-site

It's worth a try , you may be able to setup the wireless credentials but I suspect the echo may need an internet connection to complete its setup. If that's the case then you might have to fiddle with the hub one a bit. 

Temporarily disable dhcp and connect via a lan port into your current router ( careful of any ip clash though ) .it should then be a wireless ap in effect. The echo should then be able to get to the internet and complete its setup.

Factory reset the hub one afterwards should remove any of the temporary changes.

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Re: Setting up an Amazon Echo to router off-site


Depending on the router you have, it may also have a "WAN" Ethernet socket (The Hub One has) and it might be possible to use that to connect to your existing network and set up the Echo. 

Once again a factory reset would be wise once you have set it up (so it looks for the ADSL/VDSL once reinstalled) but that might be the best way of testing and commissioning.

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