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SSID & Password Change

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SSID & Password Change

I changed my SSID to some random letters (not containing PLUSNET) and also changed the password from the default shipped one...and also disabled WPS.

Recently, the SSID has been reset to default, and I presume so has the password - without me doing anything.

Luckily, our household devices already held details of the initial SSID and password, so they still connect.

However, I'm not happy about this and would I'd like to know why this happened.
Can any staff members explain please?

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Re: SSID & Password Change

It would seem that your router has undergone a factory reset for some reason. As Plusnet can do things like update the firmware remotely I would not be surprised to learn that they can also reset it. However, the cause could be closer to home. If the firmware crashed it's possible that the router is able to go into a reset mode (I would be interested to hear if they can do this) to get working again.

Obviously it could also be triggered by someone in your house who didn't know your new wireless password resetting it with a paperclip or similar via the router factory reset switch so that they could get access.

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Re: SSID & Password Change

Hmm, that's a bit odd.

It's possible due to the reasons Baldrick1 has explained.

Can you let us know if it happens again?

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