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Router so noisy

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Router so noisy

I have just switched to plus net and the router is on my work desk.

Previous router was silent. This router sounds like an old pc when it's trying to access the hard drive!
Only when WiFi is being used tho but its driving me nuts as I have to sit by it all day!
I am hard wired but other people in the house sometimes work from home on WiFi and then it's so obvious.

I have read this could be caused by the 5ghz connection (which we've used with every provider and no such noise).

Is this a router fault? How do we sort it?
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Re: Router so noisy

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Re: Router so noisy

Thanks for your post @bexann and welcome to our Community Forums

I'm afraid that the fix for this would be to turn off the 5GHz wireless frequency by going into your router at

We've previously raised this issue with the manufacturer and we were advised that the noise is within tolerance

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 Anoush Mortazavi
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Re: Router so noisy


In the past I have asked which specification with which it complies. Having received no reply one must assume it’s the general H&S level, which specifies the limit below which ear defenders are not required.

If you want a budget solution then buy a Smarthub 6 from an auction site, setting instructions are linked from here.
Keep your hub one in case you need it for fault diagnosis.