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Router not showing "Devices currently connected"

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Router not showing "Devices currently connected"

Trying to access my Raspberry Pi and it is no longer there - apparently.

Connected to the router and the initial display shows no devices connected:

Devices currently connected to your Plusnet Router: shows an empty table.

Refresh button makes no difference.

As I am connecting from my laptop to do this, it at least should show up.

I am using an echo dot, and that is happy downloading content from the internet, as would be my phone, and my chromcast.

So why no names shown?  There was a list last time I reset the router, but the list is now gone.

Is there anyway to set names to the devices in the list, once I get them back?  Having some strange names is not a lot of help.

Helpdesk details:

1 - Product name: Plusnet Router
2 - Serial number: N7190191B001358 
3 - Firmware version: 7.275.11_F2704N_Plusnet
4 - Board version: F@ST2704N
5 - Mode ADSL

Can I allocate fixed addresses to any of these devices, or do they get a new one each time they connect?

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Router not showing "Devices currently connected"


Hi @Tinka8ell


I must confess, I don't know the answer to this, BUT I do know some very experienced chaps who might.


@Gandalf @bobpullen - Could you possibly shed any light on the questions that @Tinka8ell has raised?





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Re: Router not showing "Devices currently connected"

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Re: Router not showing "Devices currently connected"

I'm aware of an acknowledged issue with this on the Hub One but not the Hub Zero (Unsure if that issue has been fixed yet by the way)

Did you say you've tried a factory reset of the router by pushing a paper clip into the reset pin hole at the back for 15 seconds?

If that doesn't sort it out, over to @bobpullen hopefully he'll have more advice on this for you. Smiley

With regards to setting names and fixed IP addresses to your devices if there's no option to in the router control panel there's probably no way this can be done Sad happy to be wrong though. 

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Anoush Mortazavi
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Re: Router not showing "Devices currently connected"

I have the same router, 7.275.11_F2704N_Plusnet (Hub 0?), and it does lose attached devices or forgets their names. After a router reboot all devices are usually there but they have dynamically assigned IP addresses. I made a copy of the device list and added friendly names for future reference.

Currently the only device missing from the list is the laptop ( that is displaying the router management page!

Network Device MAC Address IP Address
Wi-Fi: android-e12091075f7bc4db e0:2c:b2:d0:27:d7
  Unknown-a8:3e:0e:22:65:a6 a8:3e:0e:22:65:a6
  EPSON67B03D 44:d2:44:67:b0:3d
  Notebook c4:17:fe:08:a1:dc
  Unknown-b8:27:eb:12:29:4c b8:27:eb:12:29:4c


For the Raspberry Pi I have set up a Windows Remote Desktop Connection (windows search rdp) to raspberrypi.local so I do not need to know its IP Address.

If you want to set fixed addresses you need to open http://dsldevice.lan/expert_user.html or Login <Advanced Setup> <LAN> Disable DHCP Server, click <Add Entries>, enter the MAC Address with desired IP Address (default is 192.168.1.n where 1<n>253). <Apply/Save>. I think a router restart is required for this to take effect.

  Disable DHCP Server
  Enable DHCP Server
       Start IP Address:
       End IP Address:
       Leased Time (hour):

       Static IP Lease List: (A maximum 32 entries can be configured)

MAC Address IP Address Remove


If the router has not displayed the MAC address you can open a command prompt (windows search cmd) and ping the R/Pi (N.B. the '-4' means use IP v4).

C:\windows\system32>ping raspberrypi.local -4
Pinging raspberrypi.local [] with 32 bytes of data:


C:\windows\system32>arp -a
Interface: --- 0x6
Internet Address Physical Address Type e0-2c-b2-d0-27-d7 dynamic b8-27-eb-12-29-4c dynamic 8c-10-d4-27-ea-7a dynamic tells me that e.g. e0-2c-b2-d0-27-d7 is from 'Lenovo' and b8-27-eb-12-29-4c is from 'Raspberry Pi Foundation.

BTW, When I swap routers (between 2704N and BT HH6A) my R/Pi does not automatically connect. I connect an Ethernet cable directly from the Laptop to the R/Pi and the above RDP connection (to raspberrypi.local) just works and I can then swap the connection.

HTH, Alan

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Re: Router not showing "Devices currently connected"

Thanks Alan

you have given me much to think about.

I tried to record the mac addresses using arp -a ... there are some interesting ones not on my network!, but otherwise worked well for the PC's and Pi's that I know what ip address they are at.

Then I went to look for DHCP ... no there is a problem ...


Basic Settings
Advanced Settings
Access Control
Port Forwarding





Advance settings does not give me Lan.  None of these give DHCP options.  The basic has even less:

Basic Settings
Advanced Settings

I suspect I may need to go back to my BT or Sky routers and manually configure them to connect to PlusNet as this router does not have the options I need.

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Re: Router not showing "Devices currently connected"

As I said before, you need to login to the Expert User pages; what you show are the default Plusnet pages.

Just click one of these links:
             http://dsldevice.lan/expert_user.html or 

Plusnet 2704N Expert UserPlusnet 2704N Expert User



[Advanced Setup]








Plusnet 2704N Advanced  Setup LANPlusnet 2704N Advanced Setup LAN


Disable DHCP Server

Click [Add Entries]

Enter Desired MAC and IP Address

Click [Apply/Save]

Make sure o Enable DHCP Server is selected

Settings take effect after Reboot / Restart Router
(via Management page)




I think most would advise you to use your BT Home Hub. 


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Re: Router not showing "Devices currently connected"

Thanks Alan.

I confused:


It is so annoying when the desire to be "user friendly" actually makes things "useful opaque".

Thank you again.  There does not seem to be an option for giving names to the fixed addresses.  On reboot, they get their broadcast names, but I will see if they are still there after a period, or they lose their names again.