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Router Power

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Router Power

I've noticed that even though my Asus RT-N66U router is at full power under the latest firmware that my signal strength, both 2.4 and 5G, is around the -40 level according to Wifi Analyser even though it's only about 3 metres away at the other side of the room and in line of sight.

However, I have a neighbours BT router in sight of Wifi Analyser that consistently delivers a more powerful -30 signal. I know that the BT router isn't next door, the semi attached, so must be 2 doors away as my other neighbour doesn't have the internet.

I've looked online and found other similar complaints about BT Wifi.

So do the BT routers break the 100mw limit ?

PS: I've manually assigned my channels to be away from the BT ones.

Let's be careful out there !
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Re: Router Power

It shouldn't really matter which signal is stronger than the other, so long as it's strong enough to get the necessary amount of bandwidth to where it's required. Even if they were on the same channel, it wouldn't matter which signal was stronger, so long as they could detect each other, they should co-exist reasonably well, trying not to interrupt each other.

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Re: Router Power

When I first signed up with PN and the terrible router they had then, my wifi snooper showed 2 BT & 2 TT all at least across the road with higher signal in the next room. So ~25M and 3 walls was stronger than the PN one through 1 internal wall.
That was with HH3 routers at the time.