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Router/Modem Replacement

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Router/Modem Replacement

Upgraded to Plusnet fibre a couple of years back, they supplied a Technicolour modem and separate BT Openteach Modem. Latley have been having problems with router overheating, plus router has never been brilliant in wi fi dept. I would like if possible be able to swap this for a all in one box. I am willing to purchase my own Fibre router/ modem. How easy is it to set something like this up, I'm not to tech minded, will it work on Plusnet or do I need passwords etc. Any recommendations up to £80 ish

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Re: Router/Modem Replacement

There are very few third party combined VDSL modem routers costing less than £80:


Billion Bipac 8800NL, single band N300 wireless router.

TP-Link TD-W9980, dual band N600 wireless router.

Both will work with Plusnet and 'Yes', you will have to manually configure them to connect to Plusnet service.  Purchase from a retailer which has very good returns/refund policy in case you have issues.

Plusnet also offer the new Hub One, dual band AC1200 wireless router which does not require the Openreach modem.  It has 'issues', and so only worth considering if you are out of contract and can get one for free by accepting a new contract.


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Re: Router/Modem Replacement

Note that the Billion 8800NL has been replaced by the 8800NL R2 for about the same price but with two external aerials

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Re: Router/Modem Replacement


contact the plusnet team and ask them to send you out a new router, they do the hub one that's a combine all in one vdsl modem/router, might have to recontract to get it and be charged the 7.99 delivery fee but it would just be a case of unplugging both the Thompson and the btor modem and plugging it in, switching on and working straight away no set up required, oh and its wifi is supposed to be a lot better than the Thompson's


that's a lot cheaper than buying an aftermarket one especially if you don't need all the bells n whistles of the more expensive option, just as another alternative option Smiley



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