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Router Issues

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Router Issues

Hi, today I restarted my router due to having WiFi connectivity issues. And for some reason it restarted and reset all of the WiFi settings as well. This is a big issue as we lost the WiFi password sheet and I don’t know where to access the security key from either. This means I cannot get on the internet nor it won’t let me acces the hub settings to change anything! SOMONE PLEASE HELP!!!
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Re: Router Issues

You need to find the little card, that came with the router.


I know it's hindsight, but in furture write the router and wifi passwords into a text file on your desktop, and make a backup onto flashpen or print it out.


Hope you get it sorted


All the best

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Re: Router Issues

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Re: Router Issues

Hi @EuanMarsden, thanks for your post and welcome to our Community Forums.


Don't worry, we can easily help you to resolve this issue.


I've tried to locate which model of router you're using but have been unable to link your forum account to a home broadband account and so I need to ask; which model of router are you currently using?


I'll be able to get instructions over to you on how you can resolve this issue as soon as we know.

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Re: Router Issues


Have you looked all over the router? Most also have a label stuck on them somewhere with both the router log in details and wireless password.

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Re: Router Issues

Yes - as has been said let us know the model of the router.

Are you using a PlusNet supplied router, or your own one? On the PlusNet Hub One for example there is a pull out card at the back with all of the details on, and I believe they are also printed on the router itself.

I would check ours but I am not round their property at the moment.