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Really limited 5GHz range on Hub One

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Really limited 5GHz range on Hub One

I've not been using the Plusnet provided router due to problems previously regarding 5GHz WiFi dropping - I've noted that this was apparantly resolved by updating to the latest firmware.

So today I installed the Hub One, in hopes that the firmware would update so that I could test it (and remove 4 other power sapping devices in the process).

The upgrade took immediately and it's now on Software version | Last updated 22/04/22.

The thing is I still have only a couple of metres range on 5GHz (like 4 metres) and I'm wondering if there's been a fault to the unit all the time that wasn't related to the software.

For reference I was using a Huawei HG612 router connected to a switch and 2 Mikrotik AC access points.  However I had round the house coverage with even 1 access point

How would I go about confirming this and if so is it possible to replace this with a working unit?

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Re: Really limited 5GHz range on Hub One

@damian24  Don't bother with the Hub1 it's not much good. If the HG612 and Microtik APs worked for you go back to using them. 

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Re: Really limited 5GHz range on Hub One

Have you tried setting the wifi channel number manually to see if it makes any difference?


The wifi range of the Hub One is not brilliant, but it is capable of more than 4 metres unless the signal is having to pass through thick internal brick walls or you live in a congested wifi neighbourhood.   Does the issue affect all your 5 GHz wireless devices?



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