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Old Router

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Old Router


I recently tried setting up a Chromecast only to discover that something wasn't allowing my phone to connect to the Chromecast. Both devices were connected to the wireless. After some research I found that the 'ap isolation' setting on some routers needs changing. Again after much research to find the login details for my router I then discovered that there wasn't even an option on my router for 'ap isolation'!

We have the same router that we had when we first signed up to Plusnet in 2011, it is a Thomson TG585 v8.

Is it possible to have a newer router, or one that at least will allow the Chromecast to work! 


Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Old Router

Hey there @chaps15,

Thanks for getting in touch.


There are many ways to acquire a new Plusnet router for instance you call our Customer Options team on 0800 013 2632 to agree a new deal (if out of contract) and a new router with only p&p to pay. A

FAIK there is such a feature it may also be worth checking over other threads discussing the chromecast to get an idea of what steps you need to follow. Alongside that if you do not want to recontract for a new router, you can always check out 3rd party routers.