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Mobile Broadband 4G

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Mobile Broadband 4G

@Baldrick1 helped me obtain the excellent BT Business Smarthub 6 router, which has worked like a trojan ever since I set it up. 

However, we are now relocating to a remote location outside Nairn, in Scotland. There is no fibre connection, and the download rate on normal broadband is estimates at 1.5Mbps, which is obviously very poor.

However, I gather the present owners of the house have enjoyed 30Mbps using 4G broadband.

So 4G mobile broadband seems the way to go, at least until fibre is rolled out to our area.

Can anyone recommend a 4G router for use with something like Three's unlimited sim-only plan (circa £16/month)?

Also would there be any sense in having such a 4G router hooked up the Smarthub 6 (for its good wi-fi performance) if that is possible?

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Re: Mobile Broadband 4G


For emergencies I keep a Huawei E5577 MiFi unit. This is unlocked and works well. If required you can connect external aerials to it. It is battery powered but you can also power it from the USB port. This can also be used to connect it to a Wireless Access Point.

You could try configuring the Smarthub as a WAP, you will find instructions on the BT forum, but to be honest I found when playing that whilst it works as a switch I found the wireless performance to be a bit flaky.

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Re: Mobile Broadband 4G

 Baldrick1 is correct the Huawei E5577  is very good a friend at the caravan site has one and the signal is quite strong


If you are going to use it as your only form of the internet a Huawei B535-235 CPE LTE is a good choice but more expensive 

eBay item number: 184330950600