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Issues with router disconnecting

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Issues with router disconnecting

Hope everyone is keeping safe!

We've been with Plusnet since the middle of March and since then the router keeps disconnecting, there doesn't seem to be a specific time for this to happen, but it happens nearly everyday (occasionally a couple of times a day). Sometimes one phone will stay connected but a laptop does not, other times nothing will connect, when I try to reconnect the connection via the Hub Manager I have to login with the Admin password nearly every time.


Last night/early morning around 1.10am the router disconnected with an orange light and the symbol showing that it wasn't connect to the internet, I tried to reconnect using the admin password and it wouldn't work with my login. I reset the router and tried again, but it wouldn't connect so on the Plusnet Hub manager I pressed the button to say I've forgotten my login (just incase) and the login that showed was "" not my username?

Is there something you can do to help with staying connected? Looking at other's posts, it looks like their accounts needed some changes made to them..?

Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Issues with router disconnecting

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Re: Issues with router disconnecting

Hi @ktm1,


Thank you for taking your time to get in touch.


I am very sorry that you are having a problem with our service. From testing the service today sadly I have not been able to locate a problem with this. For further investigation please raise this at


Kind regards,



 Josh Berriman
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Issues with router disconnecting

Hi Josh

Thanks for your response, the issue isn't that we aren't getting internet it's that we can't seem to stay connected to the internet via phone or laptop, an error message comes up saying that's there's an authentication problem.


I have done a factory reset and again the Broadband username is coming up as not my username, so again I have changed it to my username. Is there anything you can do your end to stop us disconnecting from the router, it is happening a couple of times a day and obviously isn't ideal.. we were with Sky for over 5 years and never had any issues like this and to be honest are thinking about going back, even though it was more expensive it stayed connected consistently.


I will get an investigation started to see if someone can figure out what the issue is.

Many thanks

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Re: Issues with router disconnecting

I have been having the exact same problem, it just randomly disconnects from certain devices throughout the day, or if i come home sometimes it won't automatically connect to my phone because if authentication error. It happens across my laptop, my phone and my flatmates desktop and phone. For example, my laptop won't reconnect to the router while my phone is still connected and has internet access.
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Re: Issues with router disconnecting

Very much same issue here, with older Router