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Intermittent router fault

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Intermittent router fault

Hi everyone this is my first post.Hope someone can help.Noticed 10am this morning the router was flashing red.Powered it down three times for a couple of minutes.Each time came on blue for about 30 seconds then went red again.Called Plusnet who went through the usual procedure then said I needed a service call that would be between 8 and 1 tomorrow.Fine ,happy with that.Took the dog for a walk for 30 minutes came back and the router is blue and working.Called back Plusnet to update them only to be told the call out could not be cancelled as it was less than 24hrs notice.If cancelled there would be a £65 charge.They also informed me that if the engineer can’t find a fault I will be charged £65.The router is still working at 18:55.Surely this can’t be right.Does this mean every time it goes off and comes back on it costs me £65 ?Would be cheaper to cancel and pay early termination charge.Thanks for reading this.Any help or advise would be much appreciated.

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Re: Intermittent router fault

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