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Hub1 how to put time restrictions on internet

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Hub1 how to put time restrictions on internet

The hub manager offers the option to put time restrictions on particular devices that are connected to the router. I would like to enable this to ensure my teenagers are not using their devices after a certain time but still be able to use the internet myself (Turning the router off every night causes complications reconnecting and I cannot remove all of their devices).
I've entered the relevant information ie which devices at what times but it hasn't worked. Customer assistance cannot help and have suggested that I ask the community how to apply this setting. Has anyone had any success with this?
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Re: Hub1 how to put time restrictions on internet

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Re: Hub1 how to put time restrictions on internet

@marieclaridge29  welcome to the forum.

Presumably you have enabled the feature and clicked Apply after adding the data?

Unfortunately there are work arounds that no doubt the average teenager is aware of so this might be your issue.

You should not switch the router off at night. Presumably they are using wireless devices so it's far better for you to go into the router wireless settings and switch off both the 2.4 and 5GHz wireless. However be aware that you will need a computer that will connect to the router via an Ethernet cable to switch iwireless back on, otherwise you will need a factory reset to re-enable wireless.

If you have a computer connected via Ethernet for yourself then this will not be affected by switching off the wireless.

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