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Hub one router showing no front light

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Hub one router showing no front light

The light in the front of the Hub one router no longer shows any light. I assume this is just a failure of the light mechanism, as the router is still working. Has any one else experienced similar?

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Re: Hub one router showing no front light

Interesting question!!

The Plusnet feature documentation for the Hub One states that the lights cannot be turned off.  That if there are no lights on (no power light) then the power is off or the unit is faulty.

Given that the Plusnet Hub One is a BTHH5a I did a Google on BTHH5a and lights off and found this - BT Home Hub 5 settings guide - how to make it faster and less irritating | Expert Reviews - which suggests that the lights can be turned off (though not clear if that refers to a later version of the HH5).

"If your Home Hub 5 is on display and not in a cupboard, you may find that its lights are a little intrusive. To fix this, go to Settings, Hub Lights and change the setting to Low. Click Apply to change the settings."

Might there be an OFF option?

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Re: Hub one router showing no front light

There's no off option, only low; so I suspect the LED componentry has died.

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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