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Hub being down

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Registered: ‎29-10-2021

Hub being down

Hello im just wondering has anyone else's Internet been down today
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Hub being down

Hi @Ipsnoonie1, thanks for getting in touch and I'm sorry to hear you've been having issues with your connection as of recent. I can confirm there doesn't look to be any known issues in your area that could be behind this.
Looking over your connection from this side I can see shown by the graph below the large amount of drops you've been seeing which certainly hints something is out of place somewhere.

Our testing from this side however isn't picking up an external issues to the property so I'd advise first of all running through a few checks your side that will rule a number of things out that could be be behind this.

I'd recommend starting with basic checks here:

And if that doesn't help the next thing would be to rule your internal wiring out by plugging the connection into your test socket which is under the faceplate of your master socket and seeing if the drops stop. This rules out internal wiring, face plates and extension sockets as being the cause. How to locate the test socket and set your connection into it can be found here:

Please do let us know how it goes and if the connection looks to continue dropping when in the test socket set-up.