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Hub One - 5GHz WiFi issue

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Re: Hub One - 5GHz WiFi issue

@westcoaster not really. I think it is some sort of bug that is triggered by the device that is connected to the router. That would explain why not everybody has the problem and why was so difficult to reproduce in lab.
So as for why you have been seeing the problem only recently might be because you end device has got an update that lead to the behaviour that trigger the bug.

Or alternative hypothesis a bug trigger my the date... not the first time bomb bug we have seen in IT.

But look likes we are almost out of the tunnel.  

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Re: Hub One - 5GHz WiFi issue

You can keep me in mind to help test if you like @bobpullen 

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Re: Hub One - 5GHz WiFi issue



It could be the devices but what makes me wonder about the sudden 5GHz problems is that my phone, my daughters phone and iPad and my son's phone and xBox all started experiencing connection problems at the same time.

Going by the last post by @bobpullen there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel.

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Re: Hub One - 5GHz WiFi issue

@bobpullen I've just posted a similar issue to those in this thread, I'd not seen this thread beforehand! Sounds very very similar to my issues, I'm on .263 version. Very happy to test something new for you as my wifi is very problematic! 



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Re: Hub One - 5GHz WiFi issue

Hi @bobpullen 

I have just moved to Plusnet and am seeing this issue, haven't been dealing with it long enough to do any real testing with what might be causing the problem but currently nothing will connect to the 5ghz on the Plusnet router without rebooting.


I have answered the questions below but I would be very willing to test the new firmware as well, driving me up the wall due to 2.4Ghz congestion round here.


  1. Brief description of the problem, and how is masquerades itself. What are the symptoms? How frequently does it happen?
    No devices will connect to 5ghz, android phone shows "Authentication problem"
  2. Do the devices having problems appear to be connected or associated with the hub?  Is the hub status indicator normal/blue when the problem occurs?
    Everything else seems normal but with 5Ghz devices switching to 2.4.
  3. Do you have the 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels merged (default setting) or split (different wireless network names)? If the networks are named differently, does the problem only affect the 5GHz network?
  4. Once the problem occurs is it persistent?  Do you have any devices wired to the router and does the problem affect them at the same time?
    Everything else seems fine.
  5. Are you able to reproduce the problem reliably? Do you think you have a way of triggering it? [for example waking a specific device from power save mode]
    Nothing has indicated an issue yet.
  6. Is the problem always resolved by rebooting the hub?  If so, how long does it take before problems recur?
    Yes it has resolved, unsure how long it will take to come up again yet.
  7. If specific devices are always impacted when problems occur, please provide details of which devices are impacted and which aren't i.e. manufacturer, model, variant and operating system version.
    Anything trying to connect to the 5g. Android phones, iphones, chromecast ultra.  Everything else either stays on 2.4 or is wired.
  8. Have the devices experiencing problems recently received any patches that might correspond with the time the issue first occurred?
  9. Please provide a description of your home network setup and all devices in use including whether or not you're using any additional switches, Powerline adapters or wireless access points.

Plusnet One wired Roku, netgear unmanaged switch, W10 desktop running 2 linux virtual machines, 2 x W10 laptops.

2.4g: 2xGoogle home minis, tp-link smart plug, Lifx bulb, Chromecast ultra, Chromecast audio.

5g: Google Pixel 2XL

2nd AP (connected via ethernet to PN1, DHCP handled by PN1) with wired iMac,

2.4g: LIFX bulb, Google home, Logitech pop bridge, kindle, Android phone (Nexus 6), iPhone 7.

5g: LG TV

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Re: Hub One - 5GHz WiFi issue

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Re: Hub One - 5GHz WiFi issue

Thanks @bobpullen I now have version .273.  It didn't work at first - my phone said 'Not connected' but after about 5 mins it started working.  

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Re: Hub One - 5GHz WiFi issue

Hi @bobpullen 

I believe I have the same issue with the 5GHz band on the .263 firmware.

Could you push the .273 out to my router please?

I'm also happy to help test the .280/.281 firmware if/when you need more volunteers for that.



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Re: Hub One - 5GHz WiFi issue

Hi have noticed the ipads on 5ghz are better than they were. Sometimes they show as connected but are unresponsive and no pages open. I usually turn the wifi off then on again on the ipad and they work again. Don't know if thats a router thing or the ipads. I will try changing channels to see if it helps. Will restart router for the update but it looks like it has just reconnected so will leave it a few hours before doing so.

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Re: Hub One - 5GHz WiFi issue

@bobpullen Thanks for the push Bob, I'll let you know how it goes in a week or so. So far, so good though.




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Re: Hub One - 5GHz WiFi issue

Don't know what your doing about this fault but  I have been using my old bt home hub one with out any issues at all  up till last week . Now im having the same problems of laptop losing wifi connection and ipads losing connection. Think you (plusnet have now managed to muck this router up  . WELL DONE .  As im currently having to work from home and need internet .I am now looking into contacting ombudsman as this whole situation is now beyond acceptable .

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Re: Hub One - 5GHz WiFi issue

Hi Bob,

New to the forum but I have this issue with my router. I have followed your instructions and turned off 5ghz. I was getting drop outs everyday several times a day. Now I am only on 2.4ghz all is stable!

if you want me to test any fixes or updates I am willing to help

Thank you for helping with this.


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Re: Hub One - 5GHz WiFi issue

Bob... Are the throughput / range issues being dealt with in another thread. I cannot find one, but happy to start one if if would help. 2.4ghz achieves 42mbps, 5ghz struggles to get 20. This is on a 55/10 profile, relatively new android phone and sat opposite router in same room. Using As always happy to do any real world testing. If anyine wonders I am on the. 273 firmware, and had no connection issues with the 5ghz since the upgrade. Line also very stable with currently 38days uptime.
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Re: Hub One - 5GHz WiFi issue

I have exactly this issue have switched off 5Ghz now all working - can you push the firmware update please to my router? That way my new devices can benefit from the 5ghz band and I avoid clashes with the neighbours.

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Re: Hub One - 5GHz WiFi issue

I have kept from commenting for a while for fear of wrath being delivered.

Running 273 firmware.

Just an observation, maybe unrelated.

Echo says cannot connect to internet. Unable to access hub1 management page. About 20 second later echo connects and I can access the management page.
Whilst I could not access the management page on my mobile the phone reported I was connected to the WiFi but clearly I wasn't..
Access event log. The only events that are recorded are at the time the echo lost connection another unrelated device requested a lease. There was never a report that the echo disconnected but there was a report, at the time it reconnected that the echo requested a lease and then it reports it connected.

37 pages! Really?