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Hub 1 connect to phone hotspot?

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Hub 1 connect to phone hotspot?

due to a massive [-Censored-] up with a certain company i am now left without home broadband connection for the next 6 weeks or so.  I do have lots of mobile data which is 5g so i can hotspot my wifi things ok but i have some thing which are not wifi and need plugging in ie hive and hue etc.

I have a plusnet hub 1 available, is there anyway i can set this to connect to my hotspot in order to run my wired devices?


thanks in advance 

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Re: Hub 1 connect to phone hotspot?

@chriscowles I very much doubt it. @Baldrick1 , @MisterW - am I correct?

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Re: Hub 1 connect to phone hotspot?

You are John.

It needs something that can act as a wireless client, the Hub 1 can't do that.

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Re: Hub 1 connect to phone hotspot?

The Hub 1 is not much use in this situation.

If you have a spare old laptop (I recommend spare and old as from my experience after doing this the laptop needs a factory reset) it is possibe to "bridge" the wireless and Etherenet connection of a windows laptop.

This is a decent write up of it.

I think you will need to turn off DHCP on the Hub 1 to make it work.


Personally I would buy something that does a better job of it than a Hub 1.

I happen to know (because I have one) that a Draytek 2860 can share a WiFi connection as a WAN connection. (this lists other models that have the feature)

A 2860 is currently likely to be a few tens of pounds second hand.






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