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fibre drop outs / modem hang up

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fibre drop outs / modem hang up

I have been experiencing a lot of drop outs recently, this has been an on going problem but it tends to come and go. recently though it has been very noticeable.


We have a TP Link Archer vr400 v2 as the router as we replaced the original plusnet router due to similar issues. This fixed the issue for a while but its come back. Originally the tp link was acting as the modem but I have since put the open reach modem inline and put the router as just a router. This fixed the issues again for around 2 weeks but now experiencing drop outs again. All is seemingly due to 'modem hangup' as the router logs.


Is this likely a line issue at this point? tp link forums said that some models cannot auto reconnect once the pppoe connection drops so i was having to login to the router every time it dropped to reconnect. this has now been fixed with the openreach modem but still losing service, dropped atleast 2-3 times in the past 2/3 hours.

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Re: fibre drop outs / modem hang up

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Re: fibre drop outs / modem hang up


It may well be a line issue but it is worth exploring your wiring before going down that route.

The simplest thing to try is directly connecting the modem to the "test socket" in the Openreach "Master socket".

This is done by unscrewing (or in modern version unclipping) the front and that gives you a phone socket. Plug in there and see how you get on. This will stop any landline phones working.

If that improves matters there may be a problem with the phone wiring in your home.

If the broadband is the same as before then a line fault is likely and you will need to go through the Plusnet fault process. This can be triggered through the Plusnet "account" but may be easier if you phone up. 


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