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Google Wifi and Plusnet Hub One

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Google Wifi and Plusnet Hub One

Hi all,


I’ve just switched to Plusnet and have the Hub 1 router. To eliminate wifi dead spots I’ve been looking to get a mesh system similar to Google wifi. From what I’ve read it’d seem that a seperate modem would be required to replace the Hub 1 as it won’t work in bridge mode.


I think this is correct? If so, could anyone suggest a replacement modem that isn’t too expensive?


Anyone using google wifi with plusnet?


It’s just adsl broadband not fibre.

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Re: Google Wifi and Plusnet Hub One

Quite why Google WiFi won't work downstream of an ADSL router I'm not entirely sure but that seems to be a strong "vibe" from Google's pages on the product.

If you had Fibre To The Cabinet (VDSL) the obvious suggestion would be an Openreach modem which is now available second hand quite cheaply.

Is there a reason why you have ADSL rather than VDSL?

If it is available, personally I might think of upgrading to VDSL, taking up the option of the Hub 2 and using that in bridge mode.


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