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Forced Firmware on Plusnet Hub Two Manager

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Registered: ‎07-09-2007

Forced Firmware on Plusnet Hub Two Manager

I had some DHCP, routing issues and other loss of IPs last week on my Plusnet Hub Two. Factory reset did not resolve the issue. Put my old Homehub one with OpenWrt and has been working with no problems (other than a dodgy power barrel) PN kindly shipped out a Plusnet Hub Two Manager replacement (as I just renewed) and so far so good.

I had this on a previous PN router many years ago which was replaced as I had just renewed the contract.  New router worked fine. I decided to put openwrt on the "broken one" and the problem did not reoccur. (For years used after that till I had an offer to replace with Plusnet Hub Two Manager) which implies a corrupted firmware issue.

I wonder whether the old router has firmware corruption or the cache is not flushed with factory reset. Is there anyway for forced a firmware install for example firmware download and TFTP? All also know that for example  the Technicolours (yes I am that old) had protected firmware bank that could be forced, does the Home Hub 2 has something similar? I just want use it as  wifi access point but don't trust it because of previous issues...