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DHCP Keeps Failing

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DHCP Keeps Failing

Looking for some help please, with my (fairly new) Plusnet Hub One, which I got about a month ago when I swapped to fibre broadband (I was on reguar broadband with Plusnet for years but using my own router). For the first 6 weeks or so everything was fine, but I now find that every few days several devices "drop off" the network and revert to 169.254.x.x addresses. This has happened to a PC and TV connected direct by Ethernet cable, and to a PC using WiFi. Rebooting the Hub One restores DHCP to operation for another few days.

My family also have several phones which access the WiFi and DHCP with no problem, but this may be as they don't often go off, and my DHCP lease is set to 15 days. I used my my own DHCP scope, but since experiencing the problem I've reverted to the 169.254.1.x default scope without success.

Firmware is version - not sure what the latest version is and how to download it if there's a newer version?

Thanks, GreenArrow

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Re: DHCP Keeps Failing

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Re: DHCP Keeps Failing

How have you modified the DHCP pool? i.e. what range are you now using?
Does the problem occur if you drop the lease time back to defaults? (1 day?)
For your wired devices, they are *directly* wired yes? i.e not via a switch/Poweline adapters etc.

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Re: DHCP Keeps Failing

169.254.x.x is what's called an Automatic Private IP address. An IP in this range means that the computer cannot see the network

Try using 192.168.x.x matching the router's IP address.

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Re: DHCP Keeps Failing

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Re: DHCP Keeps Failing

Hi Bob,
I had modified to 192.168.2.x but have now changed back to the 192.168.1.x (63 to 253) default scope. I've also changed back to 1 day lease. Still getting pcs and new smart TV dropping off to APIPA.

Both main problem devices are wired direct to the Plusnet router's Ethernet ports. A pc on WiFi has also been affected. I do have two powerline devices but they've been ok so far (printer is fixed address, pc is DHCP).

Am now trying with smart TV disconnected. May also introduce my old router as a DHCP server if I don't get any further.

Can I ask, is my Plusnet Hub One on the latest firmware, and does a Linksys XAC1900 work on fibre broadband if the "last leg" to my house is still copper?