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Combing Google Wifi/Mesh with a DreyTek V130

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Combing Google Wifi/Mesh with a DreyTek V130

I added google wifi / mesh to my network and created a new wifi around 6 months ago. Left the original Plusnet wifi active.


I have had a few occasions where the 2 extra wifi points have dropped offline and reported no access to the internet.  Also getting regular drop outs from the multiple devices (smart tv, iPhones, iPads etc)  


Xbox one reports Double Nat, so I've put that back onto the Plusnet wifi


Google support remotely connected and spotted that I have Double NAT and suggested that was the problem and to put my One Hub into modem only mode. Which of course isn't possible.


I'm thinking of replacing my One Hub with a DreyTek V130 modem and plugging the Google Wifi straight into that.  i.e. remove the Plusnet One Hub from the equation, use the Google wifi as the router.


Any problems that people have experienced in doing this?


I saw various Google Mesh posts, but none specific to this.

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Re: Combing Google Wifi/Mesh with a DreyTek V130

This should be a very straight forward changeover. If you wanted to "cheapen" the deal you could opt for a Huawei HG612 3B which is what BT used to give out.

If you do opt for the Draytek I strongly recommend downloading and installing the latest firmware for it and often they do a BT specific version which will effectively do all the setup you need.

The Google mesh will be in "router" mode taking an IP via DHCP so you will need to read up on how to set it up to be a PPPoE client but once you've got that you'll be fine and it will work fantastically.