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Billion 8800nl R2 vs Hub One

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Billion 8800nl R2 vs Hub One

Im due to be upgraded to Fibre on the 11th of September ( all being well ) and as part of that process plusnet have sent me a Sagecom Hub one

The Question is, do I keep the Billion 8800nl r2 on the line and change the settings when /if required, keeping the hub one as a spare, or  use the Hub one, and keep the billion as a spare?

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Re: Billion 8800nl R2 vs Hub One

I would keep Hub One as a spare,

You may be interested in this post from 2018

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Billion 8800nl R2 vs Hub One

Hi @pint, thanks for your post.


We'd always recommend using the Hub One but it really boils down to which one you get better performance with in your environment.


The thread @LifeonMars has shared contains some really good instructions on how to configure the 8800, should you choose to do so or alternatively we can provide the settings you'd need.


Please let us know.

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