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BT Smart Hub 6 - "My Network"

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BT Smart Hub 6 - "My Network"

I'm puzzled by what is happening here. See attachment. I'm new to Fibre, and after careful reading I have been persuaded by this forum not to use the PlusNet Hub One.

Clicking the Refresh button achieves nothing. "Refreshing the list please wait..." just goes on for ever and a diagram of the network doesn't appear, although that screen states "This shows devices connected to your BT Smart Hub either now or previously". Well, sometimes it does after a VERY long wait - say an hour or more. Also note that "Sort by" and "Filter" boxes are not populated. It's a bit more reliable using an ethernet connection rather than wifi, but no great difference.

But clicking on Address Table works OK except that it shows only the currently connected devices. So as things stand I cannot see a diagram of the entire network. Apart from that, the hub works fine.

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Re: BT Smart Hub 6 - "My Network"

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